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Full Car History

Create a Truly Full Car History

Car history is far more than just a stamped service book, there is often a year or 10,000+ miles between those brief visits. Record care, maintenance, upgrades and more with photos, videos, document scans or anything you like. This will create your cars very own Timelane™ and a truly meaningful history.

Tax, MOT, and other reminders

Tax, MOT, and other reminders

Remembering to renew your MOT is a pain. Get reminded about frequent events in your cars life, we put them all in one place. With instant access to the appropriate documents in your vault, when and where you need them, as well as direct access to the relevant websites, you can do it all online from the couch, or from a beach in the Caribbean...

Add value to your car

Add Value to your car

FSH are probably the 3 most valuable letters when selling your car, not only does it increase the resale value of your car but it also increases the possible audience. The new benchmark of a Full Car History is here! With a Roadjo Timelane™ you can truly maximise the value of your car, setting it apart from those with a book of stamps.

Record special trips

Record Special Trips and Events

The journeys you take are the life of your car. Use pictures, videos and updates to add to your history. You can add anything from a driving holiday, trip through the countryside, track day or even details of your latest gadget.

Share your timelane

Share All or Just Bits of Your Timelane™

Your Timelane™ is not just for you. Involve your friends, include tagged posts and pictures in your history or suggest updates for others. Seen a new part for their car? Suggest it on their Timelane™. Like, comment and share your friends’ photos and updates.

Pass on your cars history

Pass on Your Cars Timelane™

Sold your car? Pass on your Timelane™ to the new user to continue where you left off and see your old car evolve. Selling your car? Let buyers see your Timelane™, all the steps between that desirable ‘full’ car history. Buying a car? Find a car on Roadjo and really get to know it before you buy it.

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